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Plaction International Private Limited Work Permit Division

Plaction International Private Limited is delighted to announce the Work Permit Division; we know that everyone interested to work aboard for better lifestyle with good earning. That's why we started our services in work permit for different countries Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Singapore, Dubai, Kuwait many more.

We can advise you on the full end to end process of mapping your full student pathway including the best university/college, course and country designed to specifically meet your end goal; International education can be costly, so we will provide full cost information across multiple options of country/university/ college/course; enabling you to understand which countries offer the best value for money.

Most countries will allow you to work whilst you are studying to supplement your income (although you should never include this in your tuition/living costs) and we can explain all the relevant rules that apply and many countries (not all) will allow you to apply for a Post Study work visa which can in some cases lead to Permanent Residency.

We can provide you with advice and study options across a multitude of geographical locations including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, and the US.

So if you would like to know more about the exciting options available to you for studying abroad and the services we provide; simply click on an option below to learn more, and then complete our online assessment form and one of our highly knowledgeable counselors will give you a call.

Our Services

We provide individualized qualified assistance across the end to end process – simply click on an option to understand how we can help you better

  • Country Selection
  • Job Profile Selection
  • Cost incurred in Work Permit
  • Document & other requirements
  • End to end application process
  • Visa guidance
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Accommodation
  • Working, Work Visa & PR